Yearly pricing with monthly shipments allows you to lock-in costs and delivery dates for your production runs. If your project qualifies, our program of ‘Locked-in’ pricing will provide you with the pricing security you need to manage your next big production run. Royal Manufacturing maintains a vast inventory of steel and tooling to keep projects within budget. Our inventory combined with our large array of equipment gives us the ability to efficiently manage production schedules and provide you with cost effective solutions to your sheet metal needs.

Royal wants to build a relationship with you and become an integral part of your supply chain. Whether you need our services for part of a production run or you need a complete sheet metal solution we have the capability and experience to manage any size project and ensure that your product arrives on time.

Simplify your supply chain management with our “Locked-In” pricing program and JIT delivery. Let Royal Manufacturing become a partner for all of your sheet metal production and parts needs.