Royal Manufacturing provides a broad range of fabrication and engineering services to handle all of your sheet metal needs. Royal can be your ‘Fabrication Partner’ when you need to outsource a piece of your manufacturing or we can handle full production runs to make all the parts you need. When you have a unique part that you can’t source anywhere else, we have the experience and capability to repair a damaged part or fabricate a new replacement part. Our reverse engineering services are highly sophisticated thanks to our FabriVision Laser technology and can produce detailed drawings without the need for costly hand measurement and CAD programming. Royal can provide you with:

  • Contract Fabrication
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Repair / Replacement Parts
  • Short, Medium, and Long Production Runs
  • Prototype Services
  • JIT Delivery
  • Quick Turn Production
  • Turn-Key Component Fabrication

Let Royal provide you with the sheet metal fabrication services you need and let us become an integral part of your business.