We have the experience and capability to repair or replace just about any machined part. We understand that these parts are often times vital to the everyday workings of large pieces of machinery. These machines are typically older pieces of equipment that are either no longer made so replacement parts cannot to be found. Yet, the machine needs to run and that is where we at Royal Manufacturing come in to save the day.

At Royal Manufacturing, often times we are tasked with creating parts without drawings to work from. Whether the part has been discontinued or is no longer manufactured, or its original origin is unknown or unobtainable, we can create a new part or in some cases repair the existing part, depending on the damage. With our reverse engineering capabilities and technology, we have successfully recreated working parts for hundreds of applications.

Royal can handle "Emergency Repairs" with a quick turn around, such as these downed Carousel Luggage Support Bars (pictured) we repaired for John Wayne Airport. We removed the old brackets by cutting them off, manufactured new brackets and welded them on, when Airport Officials were unable to do so. We received 61 parts on a Tuesday and they were completed by Thursday.

At Royal Manufacturing, our customers have come to rely on us to produce the part from scratch or repair the existing part consistently. Call us and talk to one of our knowledgeable staff members to see if we can repair or replace a vital part to your machinery and keep you up and running!