Accelerated production schedules? No problem… Royal Manufacturing is your ‘One Stop Shop’ for quality productions runs when you have a tight schedule. We have the capability to produce a part or complete a piece of your production run on a moment’s notice. Our massive on-site steel inventory gives us the ability to produce the part you need when you need it. Your project won’t be delayed waiting for more sheet metal from a supplier. With more steel and hardware on hand than most local suppliers, Royal Manufacturing has the inventory to take on any size project from short to long runs with the industries quickest turn-around times.

What is even better – at Royal Manufacturing, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for fast production and delivery. Using rapid laser inspection of parts on the shop floor we can quickly compare and cross reference every measurement to CAD specifications ensuring that every part is produced with precision and consistency. We are able to produce higher quality parts for you with this ‘on-the-fly’ inspection capability.

Finally, our vast in-house tooling capabilities enable us to further serve as a turn-key production partner providing you with better response and quicker production. Let our experience and capabilities work for you to turn-around your job in days and weeks instead of weeks and months.