With our new integrated sheet metal inspection system, we can quickly inspect every laser-cut and punched part with unparalleled accuracy and precision. Our FabriVision Laser is a non-contact method of inspection that allows us to examine any opaque flat part including plexi-glass, gasket materials, and other rigid parts. If you want to work with a quality-conscious sheet metal fabricator that strives to stay ahead of the competition look no further. Royal Manufacturing understands the importance of performance, productivity and profitability not only for us but for our customers as well.

This high-definition laser projector scans parts in as little as 12 seconds, keeping projects moving quickly through production. Its self-calibrated so were sure to get excellent, accurate scans every time.

Our laser inspection equipment is designed to sit right on the shop floor and is rugged enough to handle vibrations associated with sheet metal fabrication yet still yields quality inspection of parts. It can handle sheet metal parts up to 200 lbs and with the proximity to the rest of our equipment we dont waste time transporting products from area to area for inspection.

Our integrated sheet metal inspection system is the KEY to our quality fabrication process without sacrificing productivity. In fact, weve found that it has actually increased our overall output.