Royal Manufacturing has always been a production oriented manufacturer of custom sheet metal products. We have the equipment, experience and capability to take on virtually any size project from short to long runs. With a huge on-site steel inventory along with one of the largest CNC Turret Press machines on the West Coast, Royal has some of the largest production capacity in the industry today.

We can help you bring your products to market faster and more efficiently. Our customers have been able to become more lean and efficient by utilizing our JIT delivery program for their short and long run production needs. In most cases, they can take advantage of our popular ‘yearly pricing with monthly shipments’ program that allows them to lock in costs and delivery dates for their projects – whether they be full components or just a part of their manufacturing process.

Experience the ease of doing business with a production oriented, smart manufacturing company. Make Royal Manufacturing your ‘Fabrication-Partner’ and create a long term cooperative relationship. Discover what our satisfied customers already know – you can simplify your supply chain management by having Royal Manufacturing become an integral part of your production process.