Royal Manufacturing has invested in a huge inventory of tooling that reduces the need for custom tooling. Leverage our vast selection of tooling for cost efficient production and service coupled with some of the industry’s quickest turn-around times.

Royal’s vast inventory of in house tooling includes:

  • Turret Tooling: rounds, squares, rectangles, ovals, louvers, d-hole, double d-hole, ribbing, knock out, embossed
  • Press Brake Tooling: 90 degree bends, rib dies, standard goose neck punches, offset dies, flatting dies, acute angle dies, hemming dies, die rails, radius: bumping tool
  • Machining Tooling
  • Stamping & Drawing Tooling
  • Hardware Insertion Tooling

Royal Manufacturing has one of the largest CNC Turret Punch Presses with a versatile design that enables quick set-up as well as 71 tooling stations. This unique machine’s capabilities combined with our large tooling selection gives us the capability to punch virtually any shape at any angle on demand.