Using the FabriVISION's cutting edge laser inspection technology Royal can quickly inspect your parts with unparalleled accuracy and precision.FabriVISION is a non-contact method of inspection that allows us to examine any opaque flat part including plexi-glass, gasket materials, and other rigid parts.

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Using the latest generation high-definition laser projector each part can be scanned in as little as 12 seconds. The scan instantaneously compares every measurement to CAD specifications.

The scanning process captures the complete profile of the existing parts or templates at laser speed and stores the data in FabriWIN PRT files or DXF files. The software can even allow us to manipulate the scan data and part profile on-screen so that we can optimize the quality of the CAD model.

FabriVISION self-calibrates before scanning to ensure excellent and accurate scans every time. Unlike other laser inspection machines the FabriVISION is shop-ready and designed to be placed right next to our turret machines and maintain its accuracy while withstanding any vibrations. Its heavy duty glass top can handle sheet parts weighing up to 200 lbs enabling Royal to provide you with precision parts no matter what the size.